4 Signs That Foundation Underpinning Is Needed For Your House

Have you noticed that the floors in your house are beginning to slope? The problem likely stems from the foundation of the home being damaged. You might need to invest in foundation underpinning to get to the bottom of the problem. Foundation underpinning will reinforce the soil beneath your house, which is done by a contractor pouring more concrete under the existing concrete. He or she can also add beams to add extra support for the weight of your house. In this article, you will learn about a few of the signs that points to your foundation needing to be underpinned.

1. Numerous Cracks in the Walls

If you have been seeing vertical cracks in your walls, it is a sign of foundation damage. The cracks can continue getting bigger until the foundation is repaired. One of the common areas where cracks from a foundation problem can be found is in the space between the top of a doorway and the ceiling. However, vertical cracks can develop in any area of the wall.

2. Detached Walls from the Ceiling

If you look at the areas in your house where the walls and ceiling connect, you might notice a space between them. The detachment is due to the foundation shifting and your walls not standing as upright as they should. If you don't invest in a prompt foundation repair, the walls will continue to lean until they possibly fall down altogether. You can also end up with your roof caving in.

3. Doors & Windows Jam

When the doors begin to jam and the problem steadily gets worse, it is time for you to get the foundation fixed. The doors can become so jammed that they are unable to be opened or closed in the worst case scenario. Windows can also become jammed and hard to open or close completely.

4. Walls Are Buckling

Foundation damage that becomes so severe that the walls buckle is not the type of repair that should be delayed. Buckling walls can collapse when you least expect it because they are under a lot of pressure from not standing upright. It is important to understand that the ceiling in your house has very little support when the walls buckle. You might only notice slight buckling when the foundation damage is not too severe, but it should still be considered a serious hazard. Talk to a contractor, such as those at Libero Building Services, about underpinning your foundation as soon as you can.