Two Remodeling Ideas To Attract More Business To Your Newly Purchased Restaurant

If you've just purchased a restaurant but are disappointed with the design of the place, then take the opportunity to remodel before you open. You want to have all of the heavy construction and remodeling done before you open for business. That way, you won't have to disrupt regular dining service with an extended closure or deal with waitstaff and back-of-house who are on payroll but not working. Here are two ideas that can help you attract more business.

Open Kitchen

The open kitchen design is fantastic if you're looking to attract a clientele that is interested in higher-end food, and likes the idea of seeing the chef, sous chef and prep work being done.  The trend is very popular in high-end restaurants where people are often in attendance to try the food of a particular chef and want to catch a glimpse of the master in action. This design would give your place a fancy feel. And it also saves space if you have a smaller room to work with.

It can work with any sort of cuisine, from Italian and French, to Thai and Indian. The main work will be to design a kitchen that is highly visible from the main dining room, yet one where the sounds and smells don't infringe upon the customers experience.

In order to take care of the smells, you must have the contractors install powerful ventilation fans in the kitchen areas. You could situate a sheet of glass between the kitchen and dining room, but that could be cumbersome and it would be a problem to keep defogged. A better solution is to install some sound absorbing pillars and wall panels right near the area where the kitchen abuts the dining room.

Floor To Ceiling Windows Onto The Street

You want people to see into your restaurant. It's also nice to allow patrons to see out onto the street, as long as you have a nice view. So you should install large floor to ceiling window panels along the front of your restaurant. They can be tinted so that they provide some privacy, yet are still transparent. This transparency ties into the open kitchen design. The restaurant will feel open and not confined like a bricked up burger joint with a single window.

If you do have floor-to-ceiling windows installed, then you should also have blinds set up. This is important during lunchtime when the sun could be too much on the patrons. It's also great if there happens to be construction occurring on the street a particular week. You can have the blinds drawn and your diners won't have to eat with a view of a dump tuck. Blinds should be a material that doesn't collect grease and does not require cleaning too often. You should think about metal style blinds. They can come in a variety of designs, and have the benefit of not getting dirty like a fabric blind would.

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