Simple Decorating Options for a Newly Renovated Entryway

If you recently had renovations made to the front, interior portion of your home and have extra space in the entryway that you would like to fill, using the following options will provide you with an area that is both stylish and functional.

Works of Art

Colorful prints can turn bare walls into a pleasing focal point. Purchase pictures that are reproductions of some of your favorite artist's paintings. These can be placed in inexpensive frames and hung on the walls with picture-hanging kits and a hammer. Hang the prints on sections that your eyes tend to focus on when you first enter the house. Mix and match colors and patterns to form an engaging area to gaze at.

Resting Space

Give your family members and house guests a spot where they can sit down and take a load off when they first enter your home. A wooden bench will provide sufficient space to sit but won't take up so much space that others can't walk by. Purchase an inexpensive bench from a thrift shop or yard sale and add a fresh coat of stain to the bench to bring it back to life. Cover the back of the bench with a lace doily or blanket. Arrange a couple of throw pillows in each corner to add charm.

Set up a small shelf next to the bench. This will encourage each person to remove their shoes upon entering the house. A long wooden beam that is elevated on top of some painted bricks will serve this purpose if you do not already own a shelf.

Coat Rack and Mirror

Purchase a coat rack and set it up in one of the corners of the entryway. Place a small table next to the rack and set a small, elegant lamp on top of it. If the table has stains on it or is faded, lay a colorful piece of cloth over the surface before setting the lamp on top. A hanging mirror or mirror on wheels can be hung or set up in the same vicinity. As your family members or guests get ready to leave your home, they will be able to find their coat or hat with ease and view their appearance by looking into the mirror.

It doesn't require a lot of time or money to turn a dull, empty area into one that is useful and that adds beauty to your home. The results that you receive once you have completed the upgrades can be utilized on a daily basis and will provide the entryway with a pleasing appearance.

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