4 Tips To Makeover Your Kitchen Cabinets Without Replacing Them

There are a lot of improvements that can be made to renovate your kitchen, but you may not want to invest in a complete remodeling project. Instead, consider options to renovate the look of your kitchen without spending a lot of money. The cabinets are one of the main features that you may want to change, and the following tips will help you give them a new look without completely replacing them: 

Opening Cabinets by Removing Doors and Adding Shelves  

Today, the modern kitchen design is an open concept, and cabinet doors close the kitchen and make it seem more confined. In some of the areas in your kitchen, you may want to consider removing the doors and installing open shelving instead. When you remove the doors, you can add more shelves than what are normally there.  

Add Glass to Doors and Lighting Inside the Cabinet Units  

The doors of your kitchen may be closed and not have any features that give your kitchen light and highlight the design. Instead of solid wood doors on all of your cabinets, consider adding glass. With glass on your cabinet doors, you can add lights to the interior to help highlight the design, as well as things like nice dishes that you want to display in your kitchen instead of having them behind closed cabinet doors.  

Refinishing Cabinet Doors to Expose the Natural Wood Colors and Tones  

Cabinet doors can be something that may have been painted or have an unsightly stain. When you are renovating your kitchen, giving your cabinet doors a new look by refacing them is one of the options that you may want to consider. The removal of paints and stains will give you an opportunity to completely change the look of your kitchen with a new look.  

Updating Hardware When Refacing Cabinets to Give Your Kitchen a Modern Look  

The hardware of your cabinets is another area where you will want to consider upgrades for your kitchen. This can be done with improvements like hidden hinges and more modern designs. You may want to consider hardware that has fewer lines and a polished finish for things like handles on cabinetry doors.  

These are some tips that will help you change the look of your cabinets without completely replacing them. If you need help with cabinet refacing in your kitchen, contact a cabinet refacing service to help give your kitchen a renovation.